Monteverde Art House

The Art Center

Monteverde Art House is a locally owned art center. We started with few resources and a lot of effort not only as artists, but as gardeners, designers, and more, learning as we went. This was far from being an obstacle: it helped develop our creativity and forced us to use the resources available in the area and the materials at hand.


The Coffee shop

Monteverde grows some of the best coffee Costa Rica has to offer. A great deal of it is exported to several far regions of the planet where the phrase "made in Costa Rica" has been heard for many decades. Come by and taste a blend farmlands and roasts grown in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.


The Gardens

The Art House has some of the most pampered gardens in the region. Years of meticulous dedication have crafted a beautiful haven for travelers and locals to come and enjoy flora, fauna, sunny afternoon concerts in a healthy artistic environment.

art workshops

Ask about our workshops. Come and learn in an artistic atmosphere with local artists. We host weekly classes for travelers to be part of the local art culture that characterises Monteverde.


Live Music / natural AMPHITHEATER

Monteverde is well known for being home to amazing artists, not only on canvas but in simbiosis with the sound of the forest many musicians have found in Monteverde a magical muse for creation of music. Join talented musicians as they sing to the forest on sunny afternoon garden musical shows in our natural amphitheater.


the boutique

"Made in Costa Rica", this is what you'll find in every single product tag at our boutique. A beautiful assortment of hand-made stylish clothing to head back home wearing unique pieces of art.