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About monteverde art house

A Lifetime of Art in the Cloud Forest

Monteverde Art House is a locally owned art center. We started with few resources and a lot of effort not only as artists, but as gardeners, designers, and more, learning as we went. This was far from being an obstacle: it helped develop our creativity and forced us to use the resources available in the area and the materials at hand.

We thank all the people who have helped us out along the way and have in some way participated in the creation of our art center, these include all who visit us, and we feel blessed to share with everybody a bit of our work and the work of many others.



Creative Artistic Energy

Monteverde is one of the richest ecosystems of the planet, and our gallery is a world of creativity within this forest.

We strive to be a gallery that offers original pieces, and an art center that allows people to be surrounded by creative energy. Lots of what we offer has been made right here in our art center and we have a special group of local artists always on display.

The varieties of techniques used for the works you may see are many, from Paper Mache, to batik, sculpting, photography and many more. We are environmentally friendly and try to use recycled materials as much as possible.

Come & Live Art in the Cloud Forest


From Those Who Have Been Here

Loved walking through the Art House, it was a quick walk from my hotel and on the way into town. This offered quality art and not the typical mass produced souvenirs you would find in the shops in town.
— Debbie G. (Maryland, USA)
I just loved this place! It has the best range and most interesting selection of items in the Monteverde area. Lots of original pieces. Locally owned by craft lovers you can see the care and love that has gone into making this special.
— Lucy Loo (london)

About the Art House

support local art

Art House is surrounded by gardens, an outside auditorium, rivers, flowers, sitting areas; please take your time to visit them. We have benches along our paths for you to sit down to relax and meditate.

We are open to anyone who wants to share: cultural exchange is very important for us. If you like we can offer you a workshop, or lend you the space to do so. Most of the workshops we offer are by the gallery artists, always willing to spread knowledge.

We have an amphitheater that is open for anybody who wants to come and play and on a regular basis we host jam sessions.

Please keep in touch, and join us in our activities and celebrations.